Term 2 Newsletter

Illawarra Swim School Newsletter

Welcome back Swim Schoolers, Hope everyone enjoyed there Easter break and holidays. Coming up this term Swim safer week 8.

400 club testing week 6 and week 10. More news getting closer to the date.

Why not boost your child’s swimming ability this term by taking up this great offer.

2nd lesson discount

This term we are offering a generous discount when your child takes up a second lesson per week. Your child’s 2nd lesson will be at 50% off. That’s only $8.00! A great way to build your child’s swimming ability!

 Winter Swimming - Laying old wives tales to rest

If you want your child to learn to swim as quickly as possible, then year round swimming provides the best results. Your child won’t catch a cold from water, colds are viruses. Children have a greater chance of catching a virus from attending playgroup, childcare, pre-school, school or just going to the shops than in the sterile water of a heated pool!

Children who participate in year round swim programs do not get more coughs and colds than their non swimming counterparts. This is not surprising as we know exercise strengthens the immune system and that swimming is a very healthy activity especially for the lungs.

Keep your child warm after their lesson. Dry them quickly & dry their hair as best as possible (putting them in a swimming cap to keep their hair dry. Also put them in warm clothes & a beanie after their lesson. Being able to swim and enjoy the water is not only a rite of passage for many Australian children; it’s a way of life, and potentially an enriching opportunity. Griffith Institute for Educational Research, recently revealed children who had learned how to swim from a young age, reached many developmental milestones earlier than other children the same age, who had not. Some of these milestones included visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring-in and drawing lines and shapes; mathematical-related tasks; and literacy and numeracy. This is another reason why its imperative that your child learns a skill for life.